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What Can Infusionsoft Do for Me?e-marketing-bullseye

An easier question might be, what will it NOT do for me?

You see, Infusionsoft empowers entrepreneurs and small busineses to grow quickly,efficiently and more easily than they ever thought possible.

eMarketing with Infusionsoft helps you:

  • Convert more leads.
  • Get repeat sales from customers.
  • Grow your business without growing your staff.
  • Better and faster target new qualified leads.
  • Automate your Marketing Campaigns.
  • Automatically provide follow-up for your sales team so they don’t miss a sale.
  • Stop worrying about down computers, laptops, PDA’s, servers and missed sales opportunities.
  • Work on your business while others work in your business.

Business Technologies of New England, Inc. will provide you with a complete system and back it up with great support, training and marketing expertise.

We have two Infusionsoft Certified Consultants that have over 14 years of experience in marketing, sales and software automation. Take your business to the next level of sales and become more profitable with us assisting you along the way.

Ultimately, Infusionsoft liberates small businesses and their employees so they can enjoy doing business, wow their customers, and better serve their families and communities. Hundreds of our customers have used Infusionsoft to double (in many cases triple or more) their sales. And, several Infusionsoft users are rediscovering the meaning of the words--daylight, family, friends, vacation, and sleep.

eMarketing Customer Testimonials

“Infusionsoft is incredible. In less than 12 months we’ve grown from a small company doing just a few grand a month, to now over 7 figures in annual revenue…all with tremendous speed. That growth would NOT be possible without the leverage Infusionsoft has given us. I recommend it to every business that’s serious about growth. The investment is not optional- it’s a MUST."
- Sean Greeley, NPE, LLC

“The system does exactly what we need for our business. Once set up, it is easy to execute and maintain. We have many different projects and Infusion keeps it simple. The web based access is perfect, we are all on the same page at all times. I now have more time to build the business."
- Daniel Compton, EDLF Publishing, Inc.


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