Automate Your 

Marketing and Sales Process

with the right CRM

Losing new leads?

Every new lead is priceless in this economy.  You can’t afford to lose track of new leads.

Don’t have accurate sales projections?

CRM reporting includes sales projections.  If you have poor reporting you have no idea whether your projected sales are up, flat or down.  You need to be able to see how your sales team is performing and address downfalls early.

What is the right CRM for your business?

Based on your marketing and sales process we have a solution for you.

act! Software

For the in-house sales team. Tracking sales opportunities and activities.

Zoho CRM:

Complete online cloud based solution for any size sales team.  Sales, Campaigns, quoting, invoicing as well as robust mobile solutions.

Business Technologies of New England, Inc. works with our customers to streamline and automate their sales and marketing process.

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